New Horror to Feature Pet Bling

Horror Film To Feature Hollywood Pet Bling

A brand new Hollywood style pet jewellery company has been chosen to produce a special necklace for an upcoming horror film to be shot in 2014.

Ruby’s Regalia opened for business in October 2013 and was immediately chosen by a film company in California to design and create a special dog necklace.

The film will feature a large Rottweiler, who for once won’t be the bad guy.

“We were very pleased that the dog wasn’t going to be shown in a bad light, because so many horror films have done so in the past. This time, the dog is a kind of hero in the film and we were delighted to be asked to create something unique.” Said Ruby’s Regalia spokesman, Brian Johnson.

Although the film is top secret at the moment, much of it will be filmed in the UK with a few top stars already lined up for lead roles.

Ruby’s Regalia has launched with several stylish pet necklaces including some Halloween sets. There’s even pet-owner companion sets for those special occasions. The company, based in Nottinghamshire, England, spent months searching out quality materials and found themselves rejecting an awful lot.

“I think the fact that we were so determined to ensure everything about our products was top quality helped the film company to decide.” Said Johnson.

The film will be set in a strange futuristic world with the lead actors playing horror film fans who have distinct Goth fashion style tastes.

“We had to take into account the characters and their roles in the film because they are the fictional owners of the Rottweiler. We’re working with the Director in the background right now on some extra pieces in the film for the lead actress, which mirrors the dog’s piece and came about through the Producer noticing we actually do make Companion Sets such as a bracelet for the owner and a necklace for the pet.”

In fact, the bling does form a central role in the film and so it was very important to get it right. Official replicas will be exclusively available from Ruby’s Regalia for the pampered pooch and even owner!

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New Films

Five New Bad Ass Horror Movies From Chemical Burn
Announcing five amazing new horror films from Chemical Burn Entertainment with everything from vampires to Nazis, slashers to killer clowns.

With 21st Century Serial Killer the whole genre of slasher film is turned completely on its head in this stylistic, almost Tarantino style film.

In The Last Vampyre we find an apocalyptic world about to get even more apocalyptic with intense and extremely clever dialogue, action and horror.

In Dead Walkers: Rise of the 4th Reich we enter a world of British spies coming face to face with a Nazi zombie machine with lots of action and strangeness thrown in.

In Slasherhouse we have a film that brings art and style to the slasher genre with lots of blood, gore and screams thrown in.

All The Devil’s Aliens is a taught and shocking thriller, superbly acted and directed.

All these films are worthy of praise and show Hollywood how real gritty horror should be made. Please show your support for these amazing filmmakers and spread the word. Links to the trailers below.

All The Devil’s Aliens
21st Century Serial Killer
The Last Vampyre on Earth
All the Devil’s Aliens

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New Film

New UK Horror Film in Pre-Production

Chemical Burn Entertainment are in pre-production on a brand new sci-fi horror film in the UK.

Starring award winning scream queen actress, Melanie Denholme (Lady of the Dark, Anna: Scream Queen Killer), the film will be shot later this year and features a well known British pop star that will be announced later.

Writer and Director, Aquinas, who recently completed three films with Melanie, will be on the case again and bringing his unusual and unique style to the film.

“There will be nothing ordinary about this film. If you want to be spoon fed go and ask your mother.” He said. He was referring to the bizarre directing style and method of not spelling the whole thing out that he is becoming known for. Not to everyone’s taste, but certainly different.

At the moment, Producers, Michelle and Dani Gent are working hard in the background securing costumes and talking to companies regarding product placement and locations. So get in touch if you want to be involved in some way.

“We have already secured some exclusive magazine content and photographic shoots for the film. Cast and crew are being organised and some of the more bizarre special effects required for the film are being worked on.” Said Producer, Michelle Gent.

The film will be shot in Nottinghamshire, England, but will be world-wide in it’s scope and has a very end of the world theme.

“There’s no zombies, vampires or werewolves, but there is a new evil lurking in the pages of the script that I am looking forward to bringing to life with the team.” Said the Director.

Set in the not too distant future, the film’s official title has not yet been revealed but has the working title of Alien Invasion, giving a subtle clue regarding the content. For the first time, Aquinas will be calling on cgi special effects for alien craft.

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The Zombies Are Coming

It seems zombies are invading every part of the globe and it’s not just on the TV.

Every time we turn on the television these days there’s another commercial advertising the latest zombie flick. Around the world there are zombie conventions, walks, talks and whole cities come to a standstill as thousands of zombies walk the streets. The evil dead are everywhere.

But it’s not just big budget films that are claiming the minds of humans everywhere. In fact the big budget films are simply cashing in on an underground phenomenon that has been bubbling like boiling blood for many years. The real zombie die hards go for the indie flick where gore and mutilation is more gritty and where imagination sometimes works harder than the blockbusters predictability.

One such company making and distributing zombie genre films is Chemical Burn Entertainment. Along with horror, slasher and exploitation films, Chemical Burn Entertainment have a whole host of zombie inspired films and now they’ve put several together in one special Zombie Horror Fright Fest.

If you have the stomach for it, there’s six hours of zombie hell and some of these are amazing award winning films such as The Defiled, which is a kind of silent black and white zombie noir.

Of course you can get all the films separately from Chemical Burn but overall the value is much better in one set.

Zombie Horror Fright Fest includes not one, not two, but FOUR Gut Munching Zombie flicks straight from the depths of HELL! But be warned! These four award-winning Zombie Masterpieces contain Explicit Gore and will give you nightmares for years to come!


BONUS FEATURES include two Zombie shorts "Rise of the Living Corpse" and "Fitness Class Zombie."


Sell Your Soul to Satan

Filmmakers Discover How Far Wannabes Will Go

Californian filmmakers push the boundaries of acceptability in a crazy new film that sees wannabes sell their souls to Satan.

Hollywood is full of hopefuls. Packed with waiters and waitresses who all think they have what it takes. Thousands of truly talented people never get that one break they have read so much about. But what is there was a way to rise above the rest?

Well, filmmakers in California have actually created a bizarre competition. Thousands of hopefuls lined up around the block to be selected to strike a deal with non other than Satan himself. The prize? To attain stardom.

Dedicated actors, skilled musicians, doctors, lawyers, you name it, they all turned up ready and willing to sign their soul over to Satan for stardom. Eventually one man was chosen, Kai Blackwood, an aspiring rock star. Blackwood proceeds to embark on a nefarious path of real-life occult practices taken directly from Le Grand Grimmoire and sells his soul to Satan.

In a ground breaking documentary film, Chemical Burn Entertainment presents the most shocking sights of human humiliation you will ever see. Packed with insanity and occult practices, I Sold My Soul To Satan is a film for our times.

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Alien Autopsy

Secrets of the Alien Autopsy Revealed

A few years ago the whole world was amazed by footage of an alien autopsy carried out in Area 51. But then scandal hit as it was revealed to be a hoax. But was that the whole truth?

In 1995 Ray Santilli released his now infamous footage of the alien autopsy. Every newspaper on the planet and every media outlet went crazy. Santilli claimed it showed the autopsy of a dead alien recovered from a crashed flying saucer found near Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. The body was then moved to Hanger 18 at the famous Area 51. Then just as suddenly the world was shocked to discover the whole thing had been hoaxed.

For over 15 years the creators of the footage have been silent, until now. Reality Films film Director and author, Philip Gardiner, got exclusive access to Ray Santilli and Gary Shoefield with startling results. Amazing tales of sinister Men in Black invading their lives and stories of how Chinese secret service agents knew all about the real original footage that Ray and Gary recreated. For the first time the entire alien autopsy footage is released on the DVD of this incredible story.

Stunning cgi recreations and in-depth investigation into the whole story reveal a much bigger story than any Warner Brothers blockbuster showed. Amazingly, a lot of the “movie” starring Britian’s Ant and Dec were based on very real events, including the sinister secret services.

The new film, Alien From Area 51: The Alien Autopsy Revealed, is available now from or

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